Take Action

Why Take Action?

For too long, adolescent girls have been ignored from several conversations including development conversations. And even with rising conversations finally considering adolescent girls and social issues affecting them, the girls are often absent in those conversations. And in the few spaces where the girls are in the room, their voices are not given centre stage, so the solutions proposed rarely address the issues. If adolescent girls are most affected by the issues we seek to address, we must listen to them, and work closely with them to address these issues. This helps us to effectively measure our progress and evaluate our impact to carefully observe that the solutions are being addressed and to immediately explore alternative solutions until we achieve the success desired.

Join Us To Take Action!

Girls Voices Initiative has and continues to work together with and for girls to ensure that we are creating and innovating solutions that truly educate, equip, and empower adolescent girls to improve their livelihood chances in society. Our approach employs the girl-centred programming approach which positions the girl at the centre to ensure that she is actively engaged in our programming process from conception and design, through implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. This allows us to innovate solutions with girls at any point of the program process.

We have and continue to innovate creative programs and projects with and for girls. And you can join us to take action with and for adolescent girls today! Start by following us on social media to amplify our work within your networks. And do not hesitate to explore the learning from our work with adolescent girls in your community. Be a voice for adolescent girls in your community! Join the advocacy for the protection of girls’ rights! Take Action!