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788,300 Girls in Nigeria with our Girls' Rights Campaign! Want to add to this number?

We are an empowerment system that creates a multiplier effect with the sole aim of connecting, strengthening, and amplifying girls' voices for positive impact in their communities.

We provide safe and engaging platforms for adolescent girls to tell their stories and inspire other girls so they can amplify their voices on issues affecting them and make their voices count. Essentially, we build girl leaders who build and support other girls so that girls train girls and tell other girls' stories.

JOIN the vibrant Girls' Rights Movement building in Nigeria as adolescent girls connect together to learn about their rights as enshrined in law. And as the girls educate their peers, we achieve our GIRL DOMINO effect so more and more girls are educated about their rights and connecting their voices to advocate for the protection of their rights in society. Together GIRLS CAN!


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