National Strategy to End Child Marriage in Nigeria 2016 – 2021

This document is the premium edition National Strategic Plan to End Child Marriage in Nigeria 2016 – 2021. Child Marriage, defined as a formal or an informal union before the age of full maturity, usually 18, is a multi-faceted sociocultural and endemic harmful practice which adversely impacts the personal development and future opportunities of the Nigerian children. The document which contains the conceptual frameworks used in understanding the drivers of child marriage, situational analysis, and key identified strategies to address the gender inequality, social and economic, and health drivers of child marriage in Nigeria.

The vision is to end child marriage in Nigeria by 2030. The National Strategy to End Child Marriage envisions 'A Nigeria where every young child is protected from harmful and impeding traditional practices and whose fundamental human right to a fulfilled childhood is achieved'. The overall goal of the campaign to end child marriage is to reduce the percentage of girls who are married before attaining full maturity (18 years) in Nigeria by 2021.