Scratch Day

On the 11th of May, every year, the world marks the celebration of the invention of Scratch; a free interactive software that helps young people program their own interactive stories, games, and animations. Scratch also provides the platform for them to share their creations with others via an online community. Scratch Day provides a one-day global network of events where people around the world gather to celebrate Scratch, the free coding platform and online community for users. It is a day that inspires people – beginners or experienced – to make and share creative projects. In the course of this event, young people are impacted with the 21st century essential skills, which includes creative thinking, systematic reasoning and collaboration.

Girls Voices Initiative mark this global day to code, collaborate, design games, and animate using the Scratch software. We work with girls to use the Scratch celebration to show what young girls can create, when given the right platform in Nigeria.