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... building a Girls' Rights Movement

Girls Voices Initiative is a nonprofit that works to educate adolescent girls and women about their rights in law and we empower the girls with the skills to use technology and digital media to lead advocacy for the protection of their rights and welfare in society. We are building the most GIRL CENTRIC girls' rights movement and we are nurturing an empowerment platform for girls, by girls. We call it the GIRL DOMINO - an empowerment system that creates a multiplier effect with the sole aim of connecting, strengthening and amplifying girls voices for positive impact in their communities.We provide safe and engaging platforms for adolescent girls to tell their stories and inspire other girls; so they can amplify their voices together on issues affecting them.
Essentially, we build girl leaders who build and support other girls. We are actively engaged in various advocacy groups; on the national level, we are co-chairs of the Coalition of Civil Society to End Child Marriage in Nigeria and we are members of the Technical Working Group to End Child Marriage in Nigeria. On the regional level, we are members of the Civil Society Organisations Reference Group to the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage. We also serve on the Africa Action Group to End Child Marriage. And on the global level, we are members of the Girls Not Brides Global Partnership.
We have reached over 875,100 adolescent girls through our girl-centred programs and together with our phenomenal girl leaders, we have reached over 80 million people through our programs. The impact continues...

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